27 June 2016

VIDEO: Neonatal ethics conference presentation

In June 2016, we were invited to take part in a neonatal ethics conference. We talked about Rumer and about some of the difficulties we faced, focussing on the antenatal interactions with neonatology. We gave summaries of the experiences of other families affected by trisomy 18 and drew out some suggestions for doctors and other health professionals about working with families, particularly where the doctors and parents disagree about the best way forward.

This is our presentation.

10 June 2016

On winning

Even if you do 'win', there are a lot of losses

I wrote this for another website. As far as I know, they haven't yet put it up, but it does reflect our feelings on our experiences and I wanted to share.

“While we do not all agree that this is the right course of action, as a consultant body on the neonatal unit, we have decided we can offer Rumer resuscitation as we would any other child.”