16 February 2018

Complaint about Rumer’s care, part 4

Pregnancy 1 & Appendices 36

Concerns about the care of Rumer Gomez

Pregnancy 1: Delays in care-planning


1.Delays in care-planning

This was a common theme throughout the antenatal period, in which we found significant difficulties in accessing some specialisms, notably NeonatologyNeonatologySee Neonatal Unit Who’s Who entry. Additionally, some professionals were keen to delay care-planning discussions until later in the pregnancy, despite this being against our clearly expressed wishes and having a potentially negative impact on Rumer’s care.

15 February 2018

Complaint about Rumer’s care, part 3

Preamble & Appendix 2

A bit of an administrative update, this one: see below for the short introductory part of the complaint, followed by Appendix 2, which is a list of all the outcomes we’re hoping for as a result of the complaint. The latter is compiled from shorter lists throughout the document, and in order for it to make sense, only the outcomes which relate to the parts of the complaint that have been published to date are shown. We will add to the list as further parts of the complaint are published.