18 July 2016

Rumer's Story, part 18

Palliative care is not more important!

Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd July 2015
26 to 27 weeks pregnant

So on Wednesday, we were at home together for most of the day. We called the Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU) and left a message for Elysia Crouch, our link midwife there, to chase up the neonatology appointment. After the cardiology appointment the previous day, we were keen to get on with things and find out where we stood with the hospital. We knew that what we were considering – active treatment – was not the norm in the UK, and after some initial enquiries around the trisomy groups, we hadn't heard of any babies with trisomy 18 who had received it. So we were apprehensive about the appointment, and anticipated at least some initial scepticism.

14 July 2016

Rumer's Story, part 17

Cardiology appointment

Tuesday 30th June to Wednesday 1st July 2015
26 weeks pregnant

So on the Tuesday, we went to our second cardiology appointment. Recalling how Professor Marshall had been happy to consider surgical options even in the most dire of situations last time, we were hopeful that he would remain open to considering these and other relevant treatments. However, we also knew that offering active treatment for babies with trisomy 18 was not usual practice in the UK, and we weren't sure whether the diagnosis would change his approach.

8 July 2016

Read beyond the headlines!

Which of these statements about trisomy 18 are backed up by research?

Yes, I've given links to the research that apparently backs them up. However, when you read further into these studies, you realise that their conclusions are not in fact reliable.