Trisomy 18 Info

This page links to the various resources we have found in real life and online for families of children with trisomy 18.

UK based groups and resources.

International groups and resources. Mostly US based. 

A list of online support groups and forums where parents share information.

Pamphlets, leaflets and booklets available online for families with children with trisomy 18

Basic information on trisomy 18 from online resources, useful for family and friends and to start to understand the condition.

Links to some of the research available about trisomy 18, covers various areas including ethics, cardiac treatment, palliative care, outcomes etc.

Links to documents and research on some of the common conditions that co-occur with T18.

Antenatal and postnatal growth charts for children with trisomy 18.

Personal Pages
A link to the personal pages of families of children with T18 (and some T13)
UK and Ireland Pages
USA and Canada Pages

News articles and other media related to T18

Links to key documents on the legal and ethical framework underpinning the withholding and withdrawing of treatment in the UK. Important for families to be familiar with.

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