Medical and legal information

Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical or legal advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions for you and your family, and an appropriate legal practitioner when deciding about legal matters. See our full medical information disclaimer and legal information disclaimer for further information.


Apart from myself, Chris and anyone else who has consented to being named, all names on this blog have been changed.

Our midwife team is not the Dale Team; our main midwife is not named Mollie; the fetal medicine consultant is not George Donnachie or anything like it.

The hospital we went to is probably very obvious to anyone in London, and a lot of people out of London. We haven't named it and won't be naming it. Overall we think it is a pretty good hospital, but yes we have some complaints about it and a lot of compliments. Mostly they did a good job for us. We'd recommend them.

The names we have chosen for the medical staff and others named in this blog were chosen completely at random in a variety of ways. We used the Office for National Statistics 2014 name lists and the surname list of the most common surnames in the UK to create these names. We used the random number generator to assist us in choosing pseudonyms. Names chosen do not reflect the age, ethnicity or real name of any of the people mentioned.

Accuracy and differing perspectives

Please see our Authorship of Rumer's Rainbow page for an account of how and why we write the blog, a discussion about point of view and accuracy, and advice about what to do if you are an involved party with an alternative perspective about something we have written.