Trisomy 18 news articles UK

These are articles from newspapers and online media outlets about children with T18 or T13 in the UK. Listed in date order (most recent first)

'Praise for Claire House hospice where baby George died at just six days old but surrounded by love' Liverpool Echo 9.1.2016
An article about George Burt (FT13) who died aged six days in Liverpool. Focuses on the work of the Children's hospice.

'Lexi Mae celebrates unlikely first birthday' Wish FM 6.11.15
 Article about Lexi Mae Brown (FT18) celebrating her first birthday.

'Northumberland family's heartbreak at loss of baby is captured  in special album'  the Chronicle 1.9.15
An article about Ava-Violet Gilhespy (FT13) who died aged sixteen days following full treatment. Focuses on the work of the Remember My Baby charity

 'Young baby defying the odds' Wish FM 10.2.2015
Article about Lexi Mae Brown (FT18) then 4 months in Wigan.
'How Lily continues to bloom despite disorder' Leicester Mercury 3.6.2013
Another article in the Leicester Mercury about Lily (MT18) then aged seven

 'Parents need more support' Leicester Mercury 20.9.2011
An article in the Leicester Mercury about Lily (MT18), focus of the article is on raising awareness of genetic conditions

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