Personal pages and blogs UK and Ireland

These are the personal pages and blogs (and some articles) of children with Trisomy 18 and 13 in the UK   I have included blogs and pages which people have given me to link to and others I have come across. If your child's page is here and you do not want it included, please contact me and I will remove. (Listed alphabetically by first name).

Aida born November 2015 died April 2016
Angel born  June 2014
Angelo Jack born and died October 2012 aged 2 hours
Ariana born and died October 2011 aged 1 day
Ava-Violet born February 2015 died March 2015 (T13)
Cerys born January 2012 died May 2012
Darcie born sleeping October 2014
Emily born February 2012 died March 2012
Freya born and died May 2015 (T13)
George born and died November 2015 aged six days (T13)
Heni born July 1995
Hope born sleeping February 2016
Isabel born November 2010
Lexi Mae born October 2014
Macy born May 2006 died March 2008 [facebook page here]
Myla born and died July 2013 aged 2 hours 
Poppy born sleeping September 2014
Séan born and died August 2014 aged 2 days
William born February 2006  (MT18)

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