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This page includes guidelines and articles on other issues that may arise in pregnancy which may or may not be related to T18 including antenatal corticosteroids (steroids) use, fetal growth issues and monitoring, dopplers and pregnancy complications.


 Procedure-related complications of amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling: a systematic review. (Mujezinovic F & Alfirevic Z) 2011
2011 literature review which suggested 1.9% loss rate for amnio with vast disparity between studies

 The risks of amniocentesis and CVS are clearly overestimated (Trujillo C) 2011
A letter to the BMJ, the author questions what the actual risk of invasive diagnostic testing is.

Pregnancy loss rates after mid trimester amniocentesis (Eddleman K et al) 2006
 Study of 35,000 women gives very low loss rate for amniocentesis

Caeserean Section

Caeserean Section (NICE) 2014
The 2014 NICE guideline on c-section. Useful for affirming that women should be able to ask for and receive a c-section without a medical reason (this is only guidance though and some hospitals will still refuse) also for discussing risks and benefits of mode of birth and for outlining the care women and babies should receive after a c-section.

PAPP-A/Fetal growth monitoring

 Saving Babies Lives (NHS England)
Check out the NHS England Guidance on reducing stillbirth. Also see our Research Friday comments on this guidance here

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