Complaint about Rumer's care

In October 2016, we submitted a complaint to the hospital trust that provided Rumer’s care. In this series we publish the complaint and detail the follow-up and, when it arrives, the trust’s response.

Series Contents

Part 1: One year ago today...
Introduction to the series
Part 2: Covering letter (Appendix 1)
How the complaint came about
Appendix 1: Covering letter sent with the complaint
Part 3: Preamble & Appendix 2
Introductory paragraphs
Appendix 2: Amalgamated list of outcomes we would like
Part 4: Pregnancy 1 & Appendices 36
PREGNANCY 1: Delays in care-planning
Appendix 3: [George Donnachie] email – Request to delay multidisciplinary meeting (03 Jul 2015)
Appendix 4: Our email – Professionals to see (11 Jun 2015)
Appendix 5: [Ida Leigh] email – Initial neonatal care plan (14 Jul 2015)
Appendix 6: [Khushi Holloway] email – Provisional obstetric/midwifery care plan (29 Jul 2015)
Part 5: Pregnancy 2
PREGNANCY 2: Failure to consider all care management options

These contents will be added to as we complete further instalments. Check back soon!

Who’s Who

Follow the link for a list of names that feature in the complaint (and other parts of the website). It will be added to as more people are introduced.

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